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We are Nathan and Zinara, behind NatnZin, sharing our experiences based on Sri Lanka through words, and captivating photography for a lifestyle full of love and adventure. Read more about us here.

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Hotel/Hostel Reviews

We are always on the lookout for hostels, hotels, boutique hotels, villas and resorts which create a home away from home for travelers across the world. On NatnZin, we focus on our personal experiences and atmospheres of each place and are written, photographed, and promoted through social media in exchange for a two-night stay. Payment is for our work and not our content. We remain unbiased and create content based on our personal experience.

Tours/Press Trips

We believe that tours are a great way to explore a certain destination in a limited time period. If you organize tours and want to collaborate with us, feel free to holla at us.

Restaurant/Cafe Reviews

Food, we believe is something which bring people from every corner of  the country together into one place. The greatest stories are always combined and shared with, and over culinary experiences. We remain unbiased and focus on our experience at each restaurant. We focus on providing a well-crafted review coupled with photography and promoting it on social media in exchange for a complete meal for two.

For Brands

We promote brands on our social media and through words, and photography based on our personal experiences. Feel free to say hi to us if you want to take the relationship forward.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy our writing and would like us to write for your company/blog/magazine, email us at to discuss topics and rates.


On NatnZin, we put our life into create beautiful images worth a lifetime. Whether you are a media company looking to showcase your portfolio or wishing to showcase the best of your city, hotel, restaurant, NatnZin are ready to capture the best images possible.

Our photos can be licensed for commercial use or we can be commissioned for a selection of photography assignments. Email us at to discuss topics and rates.

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