About Us

About Us

Welcome to NatnZin

NatnZin is a travel and food blog run by Nathan and Zinara, mainly focused on community-based, responsible travel. We are passionate about supporting local communities through travel and enjoy off-grid destinations. We focus on sharing information about homes on the road – be it luxury resorts, Ecolodges, homestays, hostels or BnBs. We are two storytellers, two big foodies, and love gastronomic adventures. Through NatnZin, we share our real, raw experiences on the road, and stories of our lives combined with captivating photography.


Some facts about us

  • We met in a backpack hostel (hello, Clock Inn Colombo), fell in love, and started traveling together. We bonded over our love for cricket (please, don’t watch it).

  • Our first trip together was a small day-trip to Galle to watch a Test match. We never really watched the match but, we enjoyed wandering around Fort, having a thambili (king coconut), and finally enjoying a nice meal at one of the quirky restaurants.

  • Nathan was born in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), studied his Bachelors in Chennai, India, moved to Sydney to pursue his Masters, and finally came to Sri Lanka. So, although Sri Lanka is where his parents are from, the island is still very new to him.

  • Zin grew up in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, and was always a small town girl with big beautiful dreams.

  • We love the hospitality and the warmth of rural villages, of those homestays and BnBs we get to call home, at least for a few days. Landscapes are beautiful but we believe it’s the people who create a big impact in our lives, specially on the road. We also believe that our travel choices have a big impact. When we travel, we look for community-based initiatives and eco-friendly organizations.



What we are up to now

We are currently in our temporary home here in Colombo, Sri Lanka, taking small trips to beautiful corners of the island. In July, 2019, we’d be visiting India again.

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Already in love with us? Read about how we met here.

If you are a brand that has a fresh new idea, see our Work With Us page, or say hello to us at info@natnzin.com.

If you need any help planning your trip, or basically just want to say hi, feel free to write to us at info@natnzin.com. We’d love to hear from you!



Nathan and Zinara

Founders of NatnZin

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