About Us

Nat N Zin

Hello there! Welcome to our little corner of the internet where we literally get illusionized. Well, now since you’re here, you might be wondering who we are? Sit back and have a cuppa! You have plenty to listen.

What is NatnZin about?

NatnZin is a lifestyle blog based currently on Sri Lanka which doesn’t limit only to lifestyle but covers a wide range of topics such as travel, culture, food etc. Basically, a mixed-bag about the teardrop island run by Nathan and Zinara also, and weirdly named as Nat n Zin.

NatnZin was a successful attempt on documenting Sri Lanka through the eyes of two Sri Lankans. It was after hundreds of clicks and even more Instagram searches that we realized Sri Lanka deserves some love from us locals. Thereafter, we wanted to document Sri Lanka through our personal experiences with an interactive, prose-type writing coupled with captivating photography.

Who are we?

We are Nathan and Zinara, a Sri Lankan couple who have been exploring our own little island together since 2015. Before that, needless to say, we both were lost, a little, in life.

We met in a hostel (Hello, Clock Inn Colombo) in Colombo during the country’s cricket season and till then spent our time making beautiful memories.

Most of them were creating culinary experiences, backpacking in hostels, guiding friends we made at hostels to the places around the island and of course, watching cricket.

After giving so many travel advice and sharing our stories with travelers around the world, it was them who complimented us that we’re good at sharing experiences and we need to formally come out and share it with the world. So we thought why not? One more blog and a few social media pages couldn’t hurt. And then we happened. It took us time but here you’re today, reading about us. Our story. And our experiences.

About Nat

Network Engineer. Marketing Executive. Photographer. Cricketer. Travel guide and an occasional artist who draws pooches and kittens on paper.

Above all are professions Nathan has tried his hands on with a passion and skills for everything.

Born and bred in Saudi Arabia and occasionally traveling to different countries around the world, Nathan flew to South India to study computer science engineering but mastered his cricket skills alongside which resulted in joining a cricket club in Sydney.

He left cricket for two masters and even years after, he still plays cricket in dusty cricket grounds in Colombo, works as a marketing executive during the day and misses Middle Eastern food so badly.

A devoted foodie, Nathan is a humble photographer who’s behind the most of captivating photography you’ve seen on NatnZin and our Instagram. He’s also always the talker.

About Zin

Born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Zinara always complain about the global warming (Colombo, why are you so humid?) and constantly dreams about what’s on the other side of the globe. Twelve years to her life, she starts a love for the world’s most unprintable cricket team: Pakistan, above all.

After 20 years of life, she earns the courage to quit science school (sorry ammi!) and turns into literature and humanities. Occasionally, she tries her hands on pharmacy and is a freelance writer who sleeps in hostels way too often.

Apart from that, Zin creates content for NatnZin. Her writing skills peaked at the very young age when she started winning every essay competition she was not too lazy to write for but never believed in her skills until she met her soulmate, Nathan.

She is also an avid reader who won a book about a butterfly when she was nine after reading nearly 20 books in one month. She still reads sipping her coffee in quiet corners in Colombo waiting for someone to come and gift her another book on butterflies.

10 thoughts on “About Us

      1. Aww, we just saw this after what seemed like a decade and had a biiiiig smile on our faces. Thank you, thank you, thank you! How nice that people actually read about us? 😀 And that, too, likes of you 😀 😀 Love your photos and seeing the effort you put into photos on Instagram. xx


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