Our Favorite Eats From September, 2018

Our Favorite Eats From September, 2018

Hello all,

While you may find a lot of foodie stuff on our Instagram, It’s been a while since we talked about food here on our blog. Our actual blog. September was a good food month. Living in Colombo, not many days are good food days but luckily, we were able to taste some amazing dishes this month.

It wasn’t planned, but all these are non-Sri Lankan, mostly belonging to authentic versions of foreign cuisine, cooked by the locals themselves. Dao Krua Thai is one good example where all the mouthwatering Thai dishes are prepared by Ms. Dao or her fellow Thai friends. We tried We Ai Family, both in Union Place and near Liberty Plaza Food court. We don’t know why it took us so long to try Box-O-Noodles in Nawala. The place is simply amazing and everything is under 600 LKR. And finally, we had a blueberry cheesecake (Nathan loves this one) and a pot of masala chai at Sugarcube.

We also went to Cafe Sociale and Cup Cafe in Mount Lavinia to get some work done.

Here’s a photo blog of some of our favorite September eats.

Sugarcube Colombo Blueberry Cheesecake

Zinara Rathnayake NatnZin

Dao Krua Thai Colombo

Nathan Mahendra NatnZin

Best Cheesecakes Colombo

Cute Cafes Colombo

PS: We hope that Sugarcube starts using reusable straws instead of the plastic ones. They already have amazing wooden spoons and knives. 

How was your September?

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