How We Find Time to Travel With Our Day Jobs

How We Find Time to Travel With Our Day Jobs

To many, travel is just a getaway to a luxurious hotel once in every twelve months. You work and work and work and finally fly or drive your car to a palace-like hotel because that’s happiness. And that’s okay. That’s completely okay. We travel differently. This is not about how you should travel. Because, sugar plums, there’s no right or wrong way to travel. Do what you like, how you like it. This is about how we find time to travel. Travel more often. Often as we can.

We both are employed. Nathan works full-time. Zin works part-time. And we both do take freelance assignments, random miscellaneous fields because Sri Lanka pay very little, in many (almost all) jobs, regardless of how cool the dude next to you is trying to be (unless he’s a kid of rich parents, ofc). And Colombo is hella expensive. It’s as expensive as some European cities. And Zin still goes to uni. So we are both very busy. And and and, we try to run a blog, an Instagram, a Facebook and watch cricket as much as we can. Cricket is one thing which takes most of our day. Be it watching the game or badmouthing about a dude who blamed MS Dhoni (the great) for not winning the game. To make it short, we are very busy.

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Hiiii! From Jodha Bai’s Palace in Fatehpur Sikri.

But we still travel as much as we can.

We would have traveled more often if Zin didn’t have classes on Saturday. But unfortunately, she does. So, Zin bunks her classes until her attendance still remains at 80%, to travel. Now, we aren’t saying you to bunk uni. Please don’t. But it’s okay to take a few days off as long as it doesn’t harm yourself or affect your studies (or life, basically) in anyway.

We normally travel during the weekends. And take long weekends to travel to far-away places. (see: Amba Estate). And sometimes, we take the full advantage of paid-leaves in our jobs. So unless Zin has exams, we normally travel every week or every two weeks.

Nathan and Zinara are two travel and food bloggers currently based in Sri Lanka.

Let us tell you, it isn’t a competition. Traveling isn’t a competition. With the glorious hub that’s Instagram, people now have made travel a competition. People travel for their Instagram. Snap 1000 photos in a train journey of themselves to find that one photo which goes on their Instagram. Buy hip clothes to imitate this one Instagrammer who watched poor ellies (who suffer 99% of their lives being chained and caged and beaten for human pleasure) at Pinnawala because all that matters is a dreamy Instagram picture. See here and here, if you want to see wild animals in their natural habitats. 

We would love to quit our job and travel, too. The thing is, being Sri Lankans, developing country kids, we aren’t privileged. Common people aren’t paid well in Sri Lanka. And we have an absolutely poor passport that makes it almost impossible to travel to many countries unless you have the financial backing. Even if you do, sometimes the embassies say no-no-no! So for now, we are keeping our jobs. We have huge plans to travel more (in Sri Lanka and abroad) in the future. And more exciting life plans, too. But for now, we are taking baby steps, trying to find more time as much as possible to pack our bags and head to somewhere we’ve never been before.

How We Find Time To Travel With Our Day Jobs

And we know we’ve succeeded when Nathan’s mom yells, “You both cannot sit in one place, everyday need to pack your bags and roam around.”


12 thoughts on “How We Find Time to Travel With Our Day Jobs”

  • You have so many good points in this article and this hit home for me. You have to MAKE time to travel; travel is not a competition to see who’s been to more places; and each persons idea of travel is different – and that’s ok. Great article.

  • I would love to travel more but like yourselves, a day job and limited vacation time means I am unable to explore complete travel freedom. I have been reading and hearing wonderful things about Sri Lanka and it is definitely on my bucket list for the near future.

    • Exactly, Razena! So we try to travel as much as we can using the limited number of space we’ve. Sri Lanka is wonderful. Hope you get to come here one day!

  • Traveling is always a good thing. However, the biggest factor that holds us back is the expense. We try to save and do a one time big time vacation with the entire family. I think short weekend trips won’t cost much. We will try to do that more often and travel locally.

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