20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Kumana National Park

20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Kumana National Park

As I was sitting on a Panama-Colombo bus at the Pottuvil bus stand, browsing my phone, waiting for Nathan to come back from his dinner-searching trip, I was given a lens cap and a floppy hat. “The cap,” says the person standing in front of me. The voice rings nothing but familiarity in my ears. It was Ibrahim. Ibrahim was our guide throughout our stay at Arugam Bay. He works with Ecowave. And now, he’s come five kilometers from Arugam Bay to Pottuvil, looking for our bus to give a floppy hat, and a lens cap. “You left it there,” Ibrahim smiles. “Oh my god! Thank you! You came all the way…Thank you so…” He waves me goodbye and walks out of the bus.

Tiny things. Tiny beautiful things. These are the things that keep me, and Nathan going! Things that make us want to travel, and explore the little island of ours more. More and more.

Our experience in Arugam Bay

Our visit to Arugam Bay surprisingly became a soulful experience. It was different to the Arugam Bay we’ve constantly heard of. Maybe because we traveled during the quiet off-season, and took part in sustainable and ethical tourism activities in this quaint beach town. Nathan and I explored the bylanes and hamlets of this beach town together. We hopped on a tuk-tuk to visit Komari, had banda-iringu (corn on the cob), and visited a lighthouse. It was ragged. Only a tiny part of the lighthouse still stands still at the pristine beach in Komari. We learned to cook Sri Lankan rice & curry, prepared coconut milk, and shared our meal with two Aussies. At six in the morning, circling around, we toured the Kottukal Lagoon as hundreds of gulls, Brahminy Kites, eagles and hornbills bade us good morning. Heck! Even a crocodile. Both of us visited a farmer’s garden, breakfasted at his house while the farmer-uncle brought us home-cooked Sri Lankan food, went to a homestay in Panama village for lunch and finally, saw wild nature at Kumana National Park.

Safari to Kumana National Park

As we just begun, our jeep got stuck in a mudhole at Kumana National Park, reminding us that good things in life don’t come quite easy. After many unsuccessful attempts, we got into another jeep, joining with two other travelers as we went around the national park, observing many wild animals including birds, peacocks, deer, bulls, elephants and even a fox. Kumana soon became our favorite place to see wild animals in their natural habitats. With only a handful of jeeps and fewer people, it was far different to the experience we had at Kaudulla.

Wild Life Sri LankaPeacock Dance Safari KumanaCrocodile Arugam Bay Panama

We were guests at Ecowave Travels but, as always, all opinions are our own.

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11 thoughts on “20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Kumana National Park”

  • My husband and I just came back from a safari in Kenya in January!! While not my FAVORITE trip I have ever taken, it is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do so I am thrilled that I was able to !!

  • Wow. How exciting it would be to visit Kumana National Park. Honestly, I have never been on a safari trip, and I am just so wanting to go. I love to see the animals up close, in their natural habitat, not caged up like they are in the zoos.

  • WOW! You were able to capture so many different animals, and it looks like you were right there with them! I actually have a fear of the unpredictability of animals, so I’m good just looking at them in pictures. Ha! But I’m loving seeing your adventure! So cool!

  • Sri lanka has been in my bucket list for so long .It is such a beautiful country . I would really like to visit every part of it and your blog is gonna help me in that a lot . Thanks !

  • It sounds like you had very productive day and the safari park looks beautiful. I have always wanted to go to a national park where you can see animals in their natural habitat. I hope to visit a safari soon, I’m sure it would be a one of a kind experience for me. The photos are all nice by the way, I especially like the ones taken of the crocodile.

  • You’re always showing us the beauty of one place through your amazing and stunning photos.I haven’t been to Safari Kumana National park and your photos really push me to book a ticket to come here very soon. This is something I should never missed out when I get the chance to visit Arugam Bay . I truly love the innate beauty of this Park. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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