Two Days at Elements Beach & Nature Resort in Kappalady

Two Days at Elements Beach & Nature Resort in Kappalady

Hiiii! You two must be NatnZin!” That was how Estelle welcomed us. And from that moment on, we knew we were going to miss this little place when we leave. We are at Elements Beach & Nature Resort in Kappalady. It’s a place where tourism is still in its baby steps unlike many parts of the island. Elements Beach & Nature Resort sits between the Indian Ocean, the complete, beautiful nothingness, and a flat-water lagoon, 3km from the main road. In 2005, Marcel discovered Kappalady from his flight deck. After many mobile kite events, he thought of opening a kite resort in Kappalady. In 2012, Elements was born. Marcel now works for Sri Lankan Airlines as a pilot. And Kappalady in Kalpitiya peninsula is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world.

Think of those postcards of Sri Lanka with pristine, tranquil beaches with azure blue waters. Kappalady is one. It’s untouched. On a good day, the skies, the blue waters, and the soft, powdery sand paint a colorful picture in front of your eyes. And often, many days are good days here. Samith, the operations manager leads us to our little cabana. They are thatched-roofed, eco-friendly, and have the coolest open-air shower. It makes a perfect stargazing spot as you shower in the dark. The bedroom opens to a relaxing view of the coconut and Palmyra trees. We’ve been to a few beach cabanas in Sri Lanka earlier, but this by far is our most favorite one. (Also read: Making beautiful memories in Tangalle)

Beach Holiday Sri Lanka
Kappalady Beach

Dinner here is a Sri Lankan style buffet. We have rice & curry with plenty of curries, including a dish of calamari. At Elements, fish is purchased every day from the local fishermen. It is as fresh as it could get. All the vegetables come from local gardens, and farms in the village. The resort supports the local community, focuses on uplifting the local life in the area. And that’s one of the many things we loved about Elements. Everyone, here, goes for round two. Juliana from the kitchen appears with a thirty-two-teeth smile. Her smile is warm. A symbol that food is prepared with plenty of love. Maybe a reason why it tastes so good? For dessert, each of us has a slice of warm, gooey cake, fresh from the oven with red cherries on top. Zin adds a scoop of fruit & nut ice-cream to her cup, and a spoon full of chocolate mousse. As Ramon talks about the day’s chores, with both of us, Tariq, and a German guest who joined us for dinner, Estelle goes for dessert, round two. Dileep from the staff later joins us, and all of us talk about our favorite thing about Sri Lanka. The open-door trains are certainly one. “And I love that they offer to take your bag when you are standing on the bus. That’s so cool. No one does that,” says the German guest.

The next day, we wake up to the sound of a drove of donkeys. They roam around freely in the premises. There’s even a foal. He’s shy and hides behind his mom. One of them is a poser. He doesn’t leave our cabana until we snap a picture of him. That morning, we walk two kilometers to St. Anne’s Church in Thalawila. Before that, a hearty breakfast says hello to us at the dining hall. Our second day here is a gorgeous day with plenty of tropical sun. Dileep brings us two sunny-side up fried eggs from the kitchen. The buffet style breakfast has chocolate croissants, pancakes with thick chocolate sauce. Nathan makes his toast with homemade passion fruit jam. We both have a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon coffee before we head to the nearby Kappalady Mosque. (Also read: An evening safari at Kaudulla National Park)

The pure white hues of the mosque walls are in contrast with the light creamish brown hues of the soft sand. The skies are azure blue. Ocean for a day steals the color of the tropical skies. She, the ocean laughs in turquoise blue today as if she needed to tell us she has many moods. Wildflowers smile in light pink as they call the beach their home. It is as if the beauty wasn’t quite diving enough, a palm tree stands up, alone, right next to Kappalady Mosque.

Kalpitiya Beach Cabanas
Kappalady Mosque

At noon, around one, a guest joins with Ramon, and the other Swiss kitesurfing instructor for a kitesurfing lesson. Hashan from the kite school is with another guest. Estelle tells us she is a beginner. She, however, was pretty impressive at kitesurfing.

The evening sun turns into a ball of golden red, painting the skies in many yellows, and magentas. “Why does the ocean come again and again to the shore? Doesn’t it get tired?” asks Nathan as we both sit by the sea, gazing at the raw, endless beauty. “No, the ocean loves the shore so much so she kisses it every second,” I reply as the sun bids goodbye for another day. I think that’s how we both felt about this magical beach hotel in Sri Lanka. It’s more than a hotel. It’s home. Even for two days, it became our home. People come here as guests, from different corners of the world, and leave as friends. We loved Elements just as how the ocean loves the pebbled shore with soft, powdery sand.

Wind Kitesurfing Kalpitiya

NatnZin Elements Beach Resort

Beach Bungalow Kalpitiya

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka Kalpitiya
Estelle and Ramon!

Elements Beach & Nature Resort – Practical Information

Elements Beach & Nature Resort is a beach hotel in Kalpitiya (near Kappalady Lagoon), Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya and the surroundings are famous as some of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka, as well as in the world. Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya is another famous activity that attracts the travelers from all over the word to this Northern peninsula. As Sri Lanka is seen mini signs of mass-tourism, Kalpitiya, like many other parts has become busy and crowded. Elements is located in Kappalady, a place which is still only a few knows, and not yet open to mass-tourism. It makes this place the perfect spot for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka with kitesurfing activities, dolphin watching excursions, and of course to lazily lie back with a good book. The place still has its local charm, something that travelers flock to Sri Lanka for.

Elements Beach & Nature Resort, the beach hotel in Kalpitiya has three accommodation options with rectangular lagoon villas, luxurious round villas, and eco-friendly cabanas. Elements Resort has their own kitesurfing center and kite school. There’s also a small shop with kitesurf equipment, beachwear, and sunglasses. The beach resort has their own kiteboarding equipment brand, Faith Kiteboarding. Kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka runs from May-October where the wind in Kalpitiya averages 18-20 knots. However, when we were there it was the last few days of January and was a perfect time for kitesurfing as well.

While Kalpitiya is one of the few places for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka, there are a few other excursions in the area. Based in Elements Beach & Nature Resort, you could visit Kappalady Mosque, Thalawila St. Anne’s Church and arrange a safari to Wilpattu National Park. Standup paddling is another popular activity among the visitors to Kalpitiya, especially in early mornings in the lagoon.

How to get there: You can arrange a private taxi to Elements Beach & Nature Resort or you can use public transport. If you use public transport, from Colombo, board the Colombo-Puttalam bus (250 LKR), and get off the bus at Palaviya Junction. From Palaviya, you can take the Kalpitiya bus (65 LKR), and get off the bus at Barracuda Junction. Then, take a tuk (250 LKR) to the beach resort. Trains are limited. You can board the train from Colombo, Negombo or Katunayake (right behind the Airport), and get off the train at Palaviya Junction Railway Station.

Rates: Prices vary according to the season. You can check them here.


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