Sri Lankan Travelers Share Their Thoughts and Experiences on Travel – Part Two

Sri Lankan Travelers Share Their Thoughts and Experiences on Travel – Part Two

In this second part, five Sri Lankan travelers share their thoughts on travel, and their favourite destinations. Read part one here.

1. Haneek

Haneek is an avid camper. He loves independent travel and outdoors while he also prefers to travel with friends. He has trekked in some of the most scenic parts in Sri Lanka. Seven Virgins, walk from Point Pedro to Pulmudai, Great Western hike, walk through Yala and Kumana, Namunukula, Udamala Kanda, and Knuckles are some of his most favorite journeys. He instagrams @haneekkk.

Haneek Instagram Travel
 “Paradise is never far away” – @haneekkk on Instagram


2. Mithuni Senadeera

What do I love most about traveling? Almost everything about it! (FYI it doesn’t mean I haven’t had bad experiences.) The places you go, the people you meet, the food you eat, all those experiences are what makes it all exhilarating. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting the same place again, it’s a different experience. It all makes traveling is one of the best ways to live your life.” says Mithuni. She prefers traveling with her friends, and guesthouses/BnBs are her favorite type of accommodation on the road. Mithuni loves Ella, one of the island’s most popular destinations. “Well, I haven’t visited that many places in Sri Lanka let alone the world, but Ella has been one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been! Also referred to as ‘Hiker’s Paradise’ by many tourists. Ella has been one of the places that has exceeded my expectations. Not only the places but also the people. And you cannot afford to miss the train ride from Ella!” Yes, you absolutely cannot. The train ride from Colombo-Ella is arguably the world’s most scenic train journey. We are big fans of Mithuni’s Instagram photos. You’ll be, too. Just look at this one from Kravica.

“Views for Days! ❤️” – @Mithu62 on Instagram

3. Narada Amarasena

Gorgeous photos. Heartfelt captions. Narada’s Instagram feed takes you to off-grid destinations and the real, authentic Sri Lanka. He’s a solo traveler. A camper on the road. We asked what he loves most about travel. His answer: “I love the generosity of strangers. People that you’ve never met before being so kind and giving. It’s such a special feeling to be felt so welcome. A close second would be the beautiful journeys, but I feel it’s the people that you meet along the way that makes it even more special.” We agree. People leave a big imprint in your lives, specially when you are on the road. Ages later, you may forget the colors of a sunset once you saw, or the name of the tiny cafe you sat for the best breakfast in your life. But you’ll always remember the strangers who offered you a cup of chai, the kade uncle who called you back to give your tiny flash instead of keeping it with him. You’ll remember the little family in Nanu Oya who packed you breakfast at four in the morning. These are the moments that make travel so soulful. Tiny, but beautiful things. So what is your favourite destination, Narada? “This is a hard one.. If i had to pick one Id say it was the time I took one of my very best friends camping and hiking in Wales.” His landscape photos with pooches are some of our favourites. See below:

“Handsome doggo and Hunnasgiriya. Hathale is such a beautiful area to be in, spent two nights around here a few weeks back and had such a lovely time 💙” – @blueberrypancakesn on Instagram.

4. Rakshi Thambaiah

Rakshi is a solo female traveler (yes, there are Sri Lankan ladies who travel solo). She enjoys couchsurfing on the road and blogs about her life experiences here. “Meeting people from different backgrounds and learning about their culture and life, making friends and feeling like the whole world belongs to me 😄; getting away from the regular routine and being able to do things spontaneously; unique festivals (tribal, art, heritage etc); and food – learning how the food culture words differently at different places. these are the things that I love about travelling,” says Rakshi. The little island of ours is her favorite place. “SriLanka!! it is home!!! I also love travelling in India, so much diversity and sensory overload.” We couldn’t agree more. You can find Rakshi’s Instagram here.

@rakshi_runsontea on Instagram

5. Sajiv

Say what you want about those pseudo-intellectual travel quotes that float around the internet, but there’s a set of foreign words that express the greatest parts of travelling way better than we can in English. My favorite is resfeber – from the Swedish, who describe it as a combined state of anxiety and anticipation before a journey. That nerve-wracking excitement is the fuel anyone needs to explore any place in the world. Whether you’re working with a blank canvas in a completely new destination, or returning to a place you’ve visited once or twice before, you’re always presented with a feast for your senses if you treat each journey as a fresh experience – in order to absorb everything you possibly can about your destination. This immersion, curiosity, and constant opportunity to learn something new about your surroundings is my favourite part about travelling.” Sajiv describes his love for travel. He enjoys both guesthouses and luxury resorts, “It depends on where I’m going. I’d have to say it’s a tie between guesthouses and luxury resorts, but if I’m surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, eco-lodges are the way to go!” We love Sajiv’s long captions on Instagram. They are both informative and witty.

At last, we asked him about his favorite travel destinations. His answer: “Far too many to count! Within Sri Lanka, I’d have to say the central highlands, Jaffna, and the East Coast. In fact, one of my most memorable journeys here is a weeklong trip right down the east! Abroad, I love the fast-paced Asian metropolises like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, but also have fond memories from a Eurotrip where I covered 15 cities in under a month! My favorite cities from that journey were Barcelona, Lisbon and London – but Italy and The Netherlands deserve a special mention because I had more time to explore them!

“Passikudah has one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world. And about three different names, because we can’t decide how we want to spell it.” – @sajivp on Instagram.

Are you a Sri Lankan traveler? Email us at or send us a message on Instagram @natnzin. We’d love to feature you. 

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  • Your photos are absolutely over the top gorgeous! They make me want to visit all of these beautiful places. I love reading people’s personal experiences about travel. It really gives you a good insight on a place. Thanks! xx

  • I enjoy reading travel blogs and seeing the pictures on Instagram. Probably partly because I will never get to half of the places I see. I want to travel more this year. Not necessarily abroad but there is a lot I can see and discover here that I haven’t seen.

  • Nice encounter with those travelers in Sri Lanka. And what an opportunity to have a time to talk to them and have their insights as traveler. How do you connect with them?

  • Out of the accounts that you have featured, my favourite two are blueberrypancakesn and haneek’s account, as their photography and exploration of travel is beautifully crafted. They deserve way more followers than they have and it is hard to believe that more people do not follow them!

  • It’s such a nice idea to talk to different travellers and feature their thoughts! I LOVE the last picture, the one of the beach… I wish I was there now 🙂

  • I have a friend who is a native of Sri Lanka and she has great stories of how beautiful it is in her home country. I wish I could experience it myself too. I have it written down on my bucket list. Hopefully, we get to travel there this year.

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