India: Thirty Photographs from Our Stay at Dharamshala

India: Thirty Photographs from Our Stay at Dharamshala

Chai Story in Green Park. Nathan just ran back to our hostel in Haus Khaz because Zin did a Zin. In other words, she forgot her wallet which had her money, bank cards and Sri Lankan ID. Luckily, the wallet was where it’s kept. Zin was sick. She slept quietly at the cafe chair till N’s back. That was how our journey to Dharamshala began. Two hours later, we boarded the Metro from Green Park to ISBT Kashmere Gate. It’s the gate of hell, someone on Twitter told Zin. A little later, we got our tickets, and waited for the bus to arrive. With only ten passengers, the journey to Dharamshala began. A few of them got off the bus midway. And at five-forty-five in a chilly autumn morning, we reached Dharamshala. When we look back, we don’t remember the chaotic metro ride or the tiresome bus journey. What comes to our memory is walking through the deodars, quietly sipping a masala chai at the Himalayan Tea Shop in Dharamkot and having ourselves a plate full of veggie momos for just 30 rupees. Sunset-watching back home now in Colombo, we laugh at those moments Nathan had to run back to the hostel. And our hearts long for waking up to a chilly Dharamkot morning in our cottage in Vidya Ashram.

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So here’s a photo story of 30 photos from our stay at Dharamshala.

Vidya Ashram Dharamkot
Vidya Ashram! Our cute little mountain cottage in Dharamkot! Many travellers use this place as a base for Triund Trek since the road begins from this place!
Accomodation Dharamshala NatnZin
A chilly Autumn morning, cool breeze embraces you as the morning sun softly kisses your half-redden cheeks. Your heart longs for mountains. Mountains with layers and layers of deodar trees.
Himalayan Tea Shop Dharamkot
Our chai shop! Walking uphill every morning to sip a masala chai and have ourselves a tomato cheese omelette. Sometimes, nutella pancakes, and a chocolate croissant.
Hotels Dharakot NatnZin
The autumn sun shinning through deodar trees in early October.
Monkeys Dharamsala NatnZin
Hello there, human! Here’s a little friend we met on our way to McLeod Ganj!
Snow Mountains Dharamkot
Up in the hills in Dharamkot! One morning, we hiked to Gallu Temple and the view was quite stunning.
Dalai Lama Temple
The young monks at The Kalachakra Temple! We sat outside and spent a few minutes observing them! The Tibetan Buddhism is different to the Buddhist culture here in Sri Lanka. For some reason, we loved the Tibetan life more.
Commonground Cafe Dharamshala
Commonground Cafe: Our fave cafe in the hills!
We saw these furry little creatures everywhere we went! Such beauties.
Israeli Breakfast Dharamsala
Hello Turkish Coffee and Israeli Breakfast!
Manadala Dharamshala NatnZin
Mandala! Although it was from Manali, Nathan got himself two of these to bring back home.
Mcleod Ganj NatnZin
McLeod Ganj is a hippie paradise! We love the serene, peaceful vibe here. We spent hours and hours walking along the busy streets, shopping for cloths, shoes and new boho accessories.

Shopping Dharamshala NatnZin

Travel Himalayas NatnZin

Dharamsala Market NatnZin

Places Eat Mcleod Ganj
Back at our fave Commonground Cafe, Nathan says hello to a dish of pork.
Mountains Snow Dharamkot
The snow clad mountains paint a beautiful picture. It is as if they talk to your heart, dances to the rhythm of your heartbeat and takes even the tiny bit of sorrow away. Mountains are our happy place. Always!
NatnZin Gallu Temple
You are my favourite human! Nat to Zin. Zin to Nat. Forever grateful that our paths crossed.
Gallu Temple NatnZin
We met this wee friend when we were roaming around Upper Dharamkot area.
Gallu Temple NatnZin Dharamkot
Gallu Temple is the starting point of Triund Trek. Or you can trek to the scenic waterfall inside the village. Up there near the temple, there’s a small cafe opening to this view. Sipping a hot chocolate, we looked at the mountains far away, and these beauties in pretty pinks dancing to the chilly breeze. Life feels beautiful.
Norbulingka Institute NatnZin
Norbulingka Institute! We spent a few hours here wandering around, visiting the Tibetan museum while an Indian family from the cities became so noisy. On our last day, the caretaker at Vidya Ashram arranged us a car to go around Dharamshala!
NatnZin Places Visit
“Sri Lanka. Oh…Can we go there by bus?” That was our driver. Boy, we wish!
Places To See Dharamshala
The prayer flags! The serene vibe. Back here in Colombo, we long for the peacefulness of Dharamshala.
Places Visit Dharamshala
This little guy was travelling with his family, probably all the way from Kolkata, and making so much noise.
Tibetan Buddhism NatnZin
There’s something about this place we love. Something about the Tibetan Buddhism. We felt incredibly safe and accepted.
Norbulingka Institute Dharamsala
A group of aunties travelling together and posing for a group photo like the good old way! What is a #Welfie, ya millennials?
Cricket Ground Daramsala
Hello there from one of the prettiest cricket grounds in the world! We’ve got a game here. Quite lucky, we were.
NatnZin Dharamshala Cricket Ground
N got to live the moment! He played cricket as a kid in his compound in Saudi Arabia, came to India and played cricket at uni. He then flew all the way to Australia, played backyard cricket and joined a cricket club. Some days, he still misses the game he played in Sydney while he drags himself to a 9-5. That, sugarplum, is, how life works sometimes.
Illiterati Cafe NatnZin
Here we are checking out our last cafe in Dharamshala! We sat here from 3-10 till we boarded the Volvo to Manali. Illiterati Cafe is a chilled out place. Here’s a Tibetan Actor working as a barista to serve you the best coffee.
Illiterati Cafe Dharamshala
A bacon pizza for 250INR! This was our last meal at Dharamshala. Till next time! Ta!

Practical information: We stayed at Vidya Ashram in Dharamkot. The place can only be booked if you do a bank transfer or a paytm transfer. Our host at Max Guest House in Agra did the paytm transfer for us at no extra cost! Vidya Ashram responses to every little inquiry on Facebook.

There are both government and private Volvo buses running from Delhi and other places to Dharamshala. During the off season, you do not need to pre-reserve your seat. Buses are almost completely empty during the off season. During the peak season, make sure you book your seats as early as possible. You can use redBus or  MakeMyTrip to book buses. None of these third party agents accepted our international cards. Your hotel/hostel/guesthouse elsewhere in India will book these for you for a extra fee.

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