No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop – Our Favourite Place to Eat in Mirissa

No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop – Our Favourite Place to Eat in Mirissa

When we were in Mirissa with Hangover Hostels, we stopped by No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop for lunch on day one. And boy, we kept going there everytime until we left. Every single time that we both became familiar faces to the sweet family who run this small garden-themed restaurant. (Also read: How would you live your life?)

During our first time here, we were treated to a delicious Egg, Cheese, Chicken and Vegetables Roti from restaurant’s Spicy/Salty menu. We loved every bit of it. There was a generous filling. The chicken was succulent, mildly seasoned and creamy cheese combined the flavors of the veggies well. Italians love their food. So Did Martina? But they share their food, too (unlike Zin). We had a bite from Martina’s Cheese, Chicken and Prawn Roti. Slightly crunchier, the flavors of fresh coastal prawns paired perfectly with mildly peppered chicken. However, the highlight of our first meal here was, obviously, the Chocolate and Banana Roti. We are sugar plums! What would you expect? Thick, warm chocolate mixed with sweet and slightly sour sliced bananas, it tasted heaven in mouth. For drinks, Zin had a ginger tea which she didn’t like much. At least it wasn’t as good as the cuppa we had in Diyatha Uyana Park in Battaramulla. (Also read: Street food in Sri Lanka You Must Try)

Dewmini Roti Shop NatnZin

Since we needed to try different options in Mirissa, for dinner, we went to a small kade restaurant. Needless to say we weren’t satisfied with the Kottu. So the next day morning, we again went back to our favorite family-garden restaurant. A refreshing glass of thick, creamy Chocolate and Banana Milkshake came along with two plates of stringhoppers, Sri Lankan lentils curry and pol sambol. Our home-cooked lentils curry and mildly-spiced pol sambol paired perfectly well with soft stringhoppers made in red rice flour. It was quite filling and a good local breakfast option. The Honey Hopper were a dish of Sri Lankan plain hopper topped with sliced bananas and kithul treacle which was in contrast to what Zin had in her mind. Zin’s so old school. Yep! We absolutely loved it and now we are big fans of fruity hoppers.

Our kottu for lunch here was slightly different from kade kottu with monosodium glutamate. Fresh, village veggies, juicy chunks of chicken and roti chopped and mixed with salty Happy Cow cheese soon became our favorite. Our Chococookies Milkshake, made with crunched chocolate biscuits was quite delicious, too. For dessert, we tried Chocolate and Peanut Butter Roti. Slightly salty, creamy peanut butter mixed with sweet, gooey chocolate was a joy against the crispy, warm flatbread. For our last meal here, we tried Olive, Mushroom and Chicken Roti from their Today’s Special menu with cheese as add-ons. The piping hot crisped roti, succulent chicken, stuffed mushrooms and minced olives were a beautiful, delicious combination completed by buttery, luscious cheese.

Dewmini Roti Shop Mirissa

Dewmini Roti Shop Mirissa

Chicken Roti Mirissa NatnZin

Mirissa Roti Shop

Mirissa Roti Shop NatnZin

No1 Dewmini Roti Shop

No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop is a small family-run restaurant. Every member of the family has specific tasks. The service is quick, well-organized and super-friendly. They initially thought we were Indian as we spoke English, until Zin explained them we were Sinhala and Tamil and spoke only English as a common language. Here, a few plastic tables and chairs complete the restaurant ambiance. There’s space for about 50-60 people and even during the off-season, it was full for dinner. The prices here are quite affordable and reasonable. Their roti dishes are priced at 150-400. They also have rice & curry for Rs.600 which you’ve to pre-order. The milkshakes are priced at 180-300 which is quite reasonable specially compared to the less-delicious version of Chocolate and Banana Milkshake we had for Rs.500 in Colombo. When we visited, their small puppy was roaming around the garden. He was cheeky, notorious and a cute little rascal we fell in love with. (Also read: Why We Choose to Travel Despite the Chaos)

Delicious food, affordable prices, friendly people and a beautiful garden with a cute pup – there’s nothing not to love about No1. Dewmini Roti Shop. And we wouldn’t mind taking two buses down to Mirissa to have a meal here again.

Have you been to Mirissa?

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