Off The Beaten Path: A Stay At The Weir House

Off The Beaten Path: A Stay At The Weir House

Welcome to The Weir House. A beautifully and thoughtfully designed boutique hotel in Ulapane. With gorgeous lush hills and river streams, Ulapane paints a beautiful picture. Add to that is the colonial style railway station with full bloomed pink bougainvillea. Despite being one hour drive or a train ride away from Kandy, Ulapane remains as a perfectly unspoilt off-beat destination. (Also read: Nuwara Eliya: where the joy is much more real)

The Weir House is a quick tuk drive away from the railway station, approximately 1km from the main road. 

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As soon as we enter, Lucien greets us with a big warm smile and starts showing us around. There’s a spacious living room, plenty of seating with a few cozy couches and a swing inside the living room. Lucian tells us about his life in the past, his interesting stories back then in Saudi Arabia. And for once, in the island, Nathan found a person whom he could relate to. Lucien is the manager of this beautiful boutique hotel. He’s plenty to tell you once you are there. From Jaffna to Colombo and Saudi Arabia to Australia, he could relate to us again and again.

Living Room NatnZinWeir House Ulapane

Our room was the Pepper Room. The Weir House has four beautiful rooms with modern interior design. Three rooms named Pepper, Clove and Cinnamon and one family room with space for four people. The bathrooms are authentic, yet modern and chic with hot water showers. One of our favorite things about Weir House is that, all the rooms open up to their beautiful lush garden. There’s plenty of natural light and seating for you to enjoy a cuppa with a good book!


Evening, we stroll through their beautiful garden with clove, pepper and coffee trees. With their veggie garden, The Weir House focuses on self-grown food. Yep, those mint leaves, the chef, Leslie adds to his special carrot soup is right from their very own garden. The Weir House tends to use home-grown ingredients as much as they can. Yay to their focus on self-sustainable living! (Also read: The Wallawwa by Teardrop Hotels)

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The swimming pool has in-built Jacuzzi spouts, adding a touch of luxurious relaxation to your day. After our mini hike uphill and a tuk journey to see the Iron Bridge and tea plantations a few miles away, we take a dip in the pool. Lie down watching the sunset. Watching how the sun paints skies in beautiful colour palettes. The central highlands with trees we cannot name paints a beautiful picture in front of eyes. And everywhere, it’s the silence except for the sound of water flowing past the property.

Weir House NatnZinThe Weir House Weir House NatnZin

At night, we catch up with the latest IPL matches in the living room. There’s a DVD collection and a flat-screen television with satellite TV. The common area also features a mini library. We love that the Weir House is perfectly isolated with no WiFi or 3g, letting you rest peacefully without the chaos of outside world!

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The next day morning, one of the gardeners walks us to Raja Ela, a small stream of the Mahaweli River, Raja Ela flows past this beautiful property. A few village ladies take a dip in the natural bathing pool sharing plenty of wee-chats and smiles. We walk uphill to an anicut believed to be built by an ancient king. Along the way are Jackfruit trees and small houses tucked inside a mini jungle.

Jackfruit Sri Lanka NatnZin

We love everything about The Weir House. But our favorite thing about this beautiful property hands down is, Leslie’s food. Leslie is the chef here and he cooks the most amazing meals, both Sri Lankan and Western. We suggest you to opt for Sri Lankan dishes. ‘Cause, sugar plums, Leslie prepares you the best of them all. During our two-day stay, we tried pretty much everything in the entire menu. Breakfast contains mains with tea or coffee, fruit juice and fresh fruits. One morning, we had string hoppers and the next morning, hoppers and egg hoppers. On our arrival, we had Leslie’s delicious rice & curry for lunch and the next day was followed by sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. Oh, and there’s dessert, too: fresh village curd with original kitul treacle you cannot find in big cities and chocolate mousse pudding. Dinner here is three-course. The veggie soup bowls we had for starters were some of the best food we’ve ever had!

Breakfast Weir House NatnZinDinner Weir House NatnZinFood Weir House NatnZinMeals Weir House NatnZinRice And Curry NatnZinHoppers Sri Lanka NatnZin

If you are looking to escape from big cities and crowds, The Weir House is a fabulous place. Surrounded with beautiful gardens, lush hills and a river stream, with a warm, friendly manager who has many interesting little stories to tell and island’s one of finest cuisines, The Weir House lays the ideal getaway spot!

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We would like to thank The Weir House for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.

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