Colombo: A Weekend at Bunkyard Hostels

Colombo: A Weekend at Bunkyard Hostels

We knew Bunkyard Hostels even before they opened their doors (and bunks, of course) to travelers from all around the world, including those who are local, just like us. They had a pretty little Instagram page up and running with pictures from all around the country, from lush hills to sunbathed south and hip east. A few months later, we were at Bunkyard, snappin’ one of their pretty and inspirational corners.


Bunkyard Hostels NatnZin

Five outta five for this! Bunkyard is situated in a quiet alley in Colombo 7, yet close to most sightseeing places and all the cafes you need to try once you are in Colombo. The street lined with full bloomed trees itself is beautiful, scenic and quite peaceful. You can catch the bus (no. 138) from Fort to Bunkyard! The hostel is only a few minutes away from Colombo Racecourse and Flower Road. During our first night, we went to Racecourse to try out the yummiest red velvet brownie in town and watch breakdance by Colombo millennials. Racecourse hosts events during the weekend including Saturday Good Market so you’ve plenty of things to do and see while you are based in Bunkyard!

Rooms & Common Areas

Bunkyard Hostels NatnZin

We checked into a private double room during our first night. The room was basic but comfortable and clean with good AC. The washroom was spotlessly clean and we loved the bathtub! While the private room serves you for a comfortable stay in the capital, we loved the 12 bed dorm the most! We’ve stayed at plenty of bunk rooms in the island, but this one’s a little special. Because Green Glass Elevator: Bunkyard’s 12 bed dorm is our favorite in the city. Zin decided to snap a few pictures there because she secretly loved their colored lockers. Nathan, too, did! Kudos to you, Bunkyard! These colourful lockers are ten times better than the boring black. A hot shower later, we headed to the attached balcony outside to busily devour Colombo’s yummiest dim sums we just bought!

Bunkyard Hostels NatnZin

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Bunkyard Hostels NatnZinBunkyard Hostels NatnZinBunkyard Hostels NatnZinBunkyard Hostels NatnZin

Bunkyard, from people to their super cool bedded chairs and dining tables, is thoughtfully designed and locally sourced. The reception runs to the common areas and adjoins the kitchen and guest washroom. There are a few hand-drawn art on their walls, mostly done by travelers who once called Bunkyard their home.

 Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (8).jpeg Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (7)  Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (13).jpeg Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (5).jpeg Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (6).jpeg

Breakfast and Kitchen

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Breakfast here consists bread and roti with Sri Lankan curries and coconut sambol. You also get jam and butter with fresh fruit like watermelons and bananas. We think that’s a great way to introduce travelers around the world to Sri Lankan cuisine. Brekkie is normally included in your room price and you also get eggs. You can head to their kitchen and prepare your own eggs here.

 Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (19).jpeg

Tea and coffee is free throughout the day (yay). Kitchen here is always open to you so If you want to bring out your inner chef skills, wait no more. Keep in mind that you need to clean your own dishes because like Bunkyard says, your mom doesn’t live here.


Staff are friendly, warm and kind! They are mostly young guys who understand what solo backpackers are looking for. They will give you tips about traveling in Colombo and beyond, including places to see and eat. We had a wee chat with Revan, one of the owners of Bunkyard! He told us that the hostel is soon going to have dinner nights which we think is a great way for everyone to become a part of the Colombo experience.


Two words: chill vibes.

 Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (38).jpegBunkyard Hostels NatnZinBunkyard Hostels NatnZin

Bunkyard mainly attract the young crowd from solo travelers to backpacking couples and groups who come to sleep at their double bed room. But the hostel is not a party hostel. It’s a contemporary, soulful place with like-minded travelers who sit down for a beer but head to bed after listening to stories from all corners. It’s mostly frequented by young cosmopolitans. The hostel, from Colombo-is-a-pit-spot backpackers to couples who intern here for a few long months, becomes a home for everyone. A wonderful, wonderful home.

 Bunkyard-Hostels-NatnZin (27).jpeg

You can book your stay at Bunkyard directly through their website or contact them on Facebook.

We would like to thank Bunkyard Hostels for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.


Bunkyard Hostels NatnZin

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