A Quiet Sunday Evening at Momo’s by Ruvi

A Quiet Sunday Evening at Momo’s by Ruvi

“THERE’S NOW A PLACE OFFICIALLY AND ONLY FOR DUMPLINGS IN COLOMBO,” after that tweet popped up on our timelines, we dug deeper to find out about this little spot: Momo’s by Ruvi. After, for two weeks, following their journey on Instagram, we finally walked into Colombo’s only place dedicated to momos.

Momo's By Ruvi NatnZin

Have you come across a place where you fell in love with it just as you walked in? This was, to us, one. It’s cute, quirky and adorable. Teeny, tiny but filled with love and smiles. Tucked away at the end of Majestic Avenue, opposite Unity Plaza, Momo’s by Ruvi not only brings you the most delicious dim sums in town but they are quite punny, too!

Momo's By Ruvi NatnZinMomo's By Ruvi NatnZinMomo's By Ruvi NatnZin

As beef was sold out when we visited, we opted for chicken (Rs. 390) and prawns (Rs. 440), both steamed with Sambal and Chilli Soy Sauce. Chicken momos had a generous filling of chicken accompanied with ginger, garlic and celery. While we loved both the dishes, if we had to choose one, prawn momos get our vote! Steamed to perfection, prawns were delicately wrapped and beautifully presented!

Momo's By Ruvi NatnZin

For drinks, we ordered Peach Fiesta and Strawberry Punch both priced at Rs.300. While the Peach Fiesta was so refreshing and the perfect drink to beat Colombo’s heat, Strawberry Punch accompanied sweet strawberry flavours which Nathan loved the most!

Momo's By Ruvi NatnZinMomo's By Ruvi NatnZin

Momo’s by Ruvi also offers you cheesy momos filled with their imported mozzarella cheese. The iced tea also consists imported tea powder. Everything here is handmade by a Nepalese chef and brought to you with love.

Momo's By Ruvi NatnZinMomo's By Ruvi NatnZin

The staff and the owners here are so welcoming! If they aren’t quite busy, they’d chat with you for sometime sharing their experiences and encouraging you to share yours.

Cute ambience, delicious momos and sweet, homely people, we loved our time at Momo’s by Ruvi. We loved it so much that we bought another two chicken and prawn dishes back home.

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9 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday Evening at Momo’s by Ruvi”

  • What a great blog! I love your photographs too! I watch them again and again! Keep on the nice job 🙂

  • Looks like such an adorable lil joint for momos! I love momos of any kind and back home (India), we had so many places serving just momos filled with everything you can imagine! For vegetarians, we also have paneer momos!
    I love your photographs and love the captures of their creative taglines.

    • Thanks so much girl! This is the only place right now we have which is specifically dedicated for momos. And the chef here is Nepalese which adds the North Indian touch to it I guess. My partner says these are pretty similar to the momos he had back in Bangalore. We are travelling to Himachal and Delhi later this year so hopefully will get a lot of momos xx

      • Oh Wow! Happy travels!
        I am from Delhi, so can assure you that you will get tons of momos at every corner in Delhi. If you have the time, do try momos at one of these – Auntie’s Momo at Lajpat Nagar, Brown Sugar at GK 1, or Royal China at Nehru Place.

        • Thanks so much for your suggestions 🙂 And since you are from Delhi, do you know good places to cheap shop for clothes etc in Delhi? Any recommendations? 🙂

          • My Pleasure!
            There are tons of places to shop for cheap in Delhi. My favorite is GK 1 M-Block market which is a flea market and has amazing collection of clothes for girls. The other famous ones are Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Kamla Nagar and Janpath – all are flea markets where you will get western as well as traditional Indian clothes. Remember to bargain and haggle a lot! Do ping me if you need any other information, happy to help! 😊

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