UTMT Hotel: An Oasis Amid the Chaos in Sri Lanka

UTMT Hotel: An Oasis Amid the Chaos in Sri Lanka

As we lie on a beach bed by the bluest of blue seas we’ve seen in our life so far, a cold breeze, mixed with ocean salt embrace us a little tighter. Nathan tells Zin one story, of his life back in Sydney, and a few minutes later as waves kiss the pebbled shore one-millionth time. One hour and a few minutes later, we run around chasing palm trees as if we were four again. As if we were given a chance to live again. At the private beach of UTMT Hotel, we sing each other our favorite songs. Dance as if it was our last day on Earth.

UTMT HotelUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

A kennel of dogs plays with each other as the sun sets for another day, painting skies in glorious yellows and dreamy magentas. We head back to our room. A beautiful suite with a mini kitchen and a living room which turns into an apartment in low-season. Soothing music plays in the background as we busily devour the spiciest village kottu we’ve ever had and sip a glass of cocktail we just won.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

Every day, UTMT Hotel organizes a daily quiz and if you happen to win it, fortunately, like us, you get yourself free cocktail the same evening!

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Pink. Nathan peels a mango as he narrates how happy he is to see colours so vivid. Colours so lively played around throughout the resort. We wake up groggy next morning to many songs a magpie sings. We hurry to the breakfast table, facing the views of the Indian ocean as Alex and Tina, our hosts greeted us Subha Udesanak (Good morning in Sinhala). Along the way are the staff with the biggest and most cheerful smiles on the island starting their daily routine. UTMT Hotel itself is a mini village. With 22 suites and 78 staff members, they still make you feel right at home.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

As Nathan feasts the most delicious breakfast buffet with french croissants and thick caramel sauce, Zin adds two spoons of chocolate sauce to her french croissants. Even before we finish our three-course meal, a staff member greets us with another glass of strawberry coconut smoothie, the best we’ve ever had.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

Back in our rooms, we take a dip in our private plunge pool opening to the beautiful garden. A garden with a few mango trees and a little more palm trees, 273 of them in numbers. A little later, we find ourselves in a hammock watching clouds so white. They lazily swirl in the blue sky as if they were a knackered backpacker who found his paradise only to leave it in two days. We swim against the waves. Chase them one hundred times until we are tired, lying on the softest sand. The blue sea runs back to the soft sand and takes our footprints with it, to the ocean where nothingness only exists.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

At one, we walk to resort’s main restaurant for our cooking class. Chef greets us with a big smile as he patiently explains us the secret spices Ceylon is home to. He prepares authentic Sri Lankan dishes as the smell of all the mixed ingredients floats through the air. When he comes to know that Nathan doesn’t speak Sinhala, he turns to English, telling us stories about his time in a fast-food restaurant in Germany. He tells us how much he loves the Dubai airport. He narrates his life back in Kandy in a few beautiful sentences, only to complain later, sadly, about the global warming. “Something terrible is happening to Sri Lanka,” he blends sliced brinjal with homemade mango chutney. Almost 2 hours later, we indulge in one sumptuous gastronomy.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

We stayed two nights in utmost paradise in UTMT Hotel, sipping cocktails one evening and camomile chai throughout the day. Cooked instant noodles and had fresh Alphonso mangoes, watermelon and papaya every evening. Had homemade orange cake for tea one evening with island’s finest Earl Gray. Ginger cake, the next evening! We played with waves, watched tiny wee squirrels munch onto sliced Alphonso mangoes in the courtyard next to hotel’s tennis court. And finally, when we last went to their mini cinema half past nine, we watched The Girl Next Door munching free popcorn.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT Sri Lanka NatnZinUTMT-Sri-Lanka-NatnZin (84)

With free yoga and meditation lessons, pool games, bicycles on rent and an ayurvedic spa at the premises, UTMT Hotel is one of the island’s finest resorts. But there’s more to this beautiful place. People often tell you that resorts and hotels lack the homely feeling. The feeling of being in a place where your heart sings many songs. Happy ones. And your heart aches a little when you leave, almost as if it was bidding farewell to a close one. As if it was the long lost soulmate you finally found only to bid adieu in one week. Underneath the Mango Tree Resort and Spa was that! It was as if we found a mini paradise amid the chaos of busy Colombo life, and for once when we left, our hearts ached a little.

UTMT Sri Lanka NatnZin

Practical Information for Your Use

How to reach UTMT Hotel: Underneath the Mango Resort and Spa Tree is situated in Dickwella, about 20km from Matara. If you are using public transportation, board the highway bus from Colombo to Matara (highway buses to Matara run from Pettah, Maharagama, Kaduwela, Kadawatha Panadura and Piliyandala). From Matara, you can take a bus to Dickwella or Tangalle and get down at UTMT. Or you can take a tuk tuk to the hotel from Matara.

Best time to visit UTMT Hotel: Round the year! The area offers plenty of sunshine. If you are an island lover at heart, this is the perfect place for you.

Cost at UTMT Hotel: A double room with balcony is priced at US$ 204 during the low season. However, if you are staying longtime (say more than a week), UTMT Hotel offers you the apartment package. For one week stay in a villa for two adults + 2 kids cost you around US$ 1650. For more details about this visit UTMT website. If you book directly through their website, you get 5% OFF.




We would like to thank Underneath the Mango Tree Spa and Beach Resort for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.



32 thoughts on “UTMT Hotel: An Oasis Amid the Chaos in Sri Lanka”

  • Wauw! This accomodation is absolutely gorgeous! My favourite colour is Pink, so that makes it extra amazing 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t check this accomodation out during my trip to Sri Lanka. But if I would go back, I would definitely want to stay here!

    • The place is so wonderful with the chosen colour theme. Hope you come back to Sri Lanka and plan a stay here 🙂 It’s only two weeks to our stay but we are already planning for our next stay and most probably to have our wedding here next year!
      Nathan and Zinara xx

  • Such beautiful and colorful pictures! It almost feels like paradise! I’ve never been in that part of the world, but when I imagine paradise, this place comes pretty close to what I have in mind. By the way: what a romantic photo of you two on the beach! I wish you two all the best!

    • Aww, thanks so much Laura for your nice complements. And yes, it pretty much is paradise. If you ever come here, let us know 🙂 Belgium is one of our favorite countries. Hope to travel one day!

        • Oh my god! I know Bruges and it’s one of my favorite places as in on top my bucket list. It looks so dreamy from photos. And I’ve heard a lot about Belgium chocolate so we sure need to visit asap haha!

  • This looks amazing, the colors the photos, (your such a good photographer) everything. I’ll definitely stop by more often. I love everything about it. Never been to Sri Lanka but now i’m definitely considering it. 🙂

    • All the photos are taken by Nathan – my partner in crime and the other half of this blog who like you said is amazing with photos 😀 You definitely should come here. Thank you, girl for all the lovely complements. Zinara xx

  • Sri Lankan cuisine is one of my favourites, and your pictures and descriptions of the food on offer isn’t helping quench my hunger for good, authentic Sri Lankan food! You just can’t get it here in Wales 🙁
    Underneath the Mango Tree looks absolutely incredible!! And so colourful!
    I read your earlier reply to someone’s comment and have to agree that this would be the PERFECT place for a wedding or reception. Congratulations you guys and all the best! 😀

    • Thank you so much for the wishes. And we are so glad you love Sri Lankan cuisine. I’m pretty sure you get a few authentic Lankan places in London and other places in England. Sad to hear it’s not there in Wales 🙁

  • This sounds so great! The water in the picture looks definitely one of the bluest I’ve ever seen. I fee like a need to stay in such a nice and relaxing place like the Mange Tree and watch cute squirrels and eat amazing food. And how cool is it that yoga and meditation is free? I am all booked in there 🙂

    • We are pretty sure it’s the bluest of blue seas we’ve ever seen! I saw all the resorts and villas in Bali you have blogged about so pretty sure you will love it here, too :3

      Zin x

  • Sri Lanka reminds me a lot of my home country, Trinidad and Tobago. We have the same kind of dogs roaming the beach. We call them pot hounds. The resort you stayed at also reminds me of the places in Tobago, the smaller sister isle. And of course, we have lots of mango trees here too. You all should visit!

    • And we share the same tropical paradise-like weather. Don’t we? Because of cricket, the West Indies are so close to our hearts! We’ll surely visit one day. Your beaches look just breathtakingly beautiful ❤ Any reason why you call pooches Pot Hounds? 😀

      Nathan and Zinara xx

  • Your photos are so colorful! We have never taken a cooking class during our vacations but I do love to come home with spices from our adventures and a cooking class would help me use them more effectively! I need to consider it. Your oasis adventure sounds lovely!

    • Thanks Natalie! If you come to Sri Lanka, you should definitely stay here and take a cooking class. The chef explains every little detail so carefully and you can take some of their secret ingredients home. Oh they also give you a jar of homemade mango chutney to take back home as a gift <3

  • Wow, what a beautiful hotel. Everything seems so colourful – the decoration, the food. I’m hoping to visit Sri Lanka relatively soon so I’ll keep this in mind. Also love the name of the place!

    • That’s great! You would love it here. It’s the perfect place to relax for a bit. Haha, it’s funny they have so many palm trees than mango trees but we aren’t complaining at all :3

  • Oh this places looks amazing. I was convinced just at the beach photos but then that bath! I love a good hotel bath. Also the food looks delicious. So jealous as I’m sitting here eating toast.

    • Haha aww! Sri Lankan rice& curry comes with so many curries and they are all so delicious. Saaame! I think we love aesthetically pleasing chic bathrooms so much. Xx

  • Under the Mango Tree seems to goo to be true. The natural beauty around it is spectacular and the colorful decor is so inviting. We would love to stay here. Thanks for introducing it.

  • I must compliment you on your photographer because every photo you have added here has so much detail. Underneath the Mango Tree looks like the perfect place to stay, like a paradise. I love playing tennis and the tennis court looks immaculate.

    • Awww thanks. Nathan, the guy in these photos and the other half of this blog takes all the photos. We use good old timer to take our own photos haha. Same, we were so impressed by the tennis court. You would love it here. They put heart into everything to make your stay a memorable one.
      Zinara x

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