Finding Comfort in Colombo with Star Anise Boutique Capsules

It’s almost two years since we started living in Colombo. While we often complain about the traffic and gallons of Carbon Dioxide we inhale a day, at times, we love it here. And that, solely because we find comfort in chic, modern and cozy hostels Colombo is home to.

Star Anise Boutique Capsules is one.

Star-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZin

Tucked away in Colombo’s historic neighborhood, the manager of Star Anise tells us about his paintings. And a little about how he managed a charming place in up country. Five minutes later, he takes us to our room. We, in past, have stayed in dozens of hostel dorms. (Also read: The six best hostels in Colombo.) But this is the first time we ever stayed in a double bed dorm. While the idea of double bed dorms always amazed us, it turns out to be pretty similar to a single bed dorm. The best thing is, you get to share a bed with your partner in a dorm room. WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

Star-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZinStar-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZinStar-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZin

Now, hold on, this dorm offers all the privacy you ever need. While the pod beds are chic and modern with all the facilities, they come up with a curtain. So if you are a little shy to be with others, close it down, sugar plum! Who said hostels are only for extroverts?

Everywhere you go here, Star Anise reminds you that you are in a tropical island. A beautiful one with pot plants all around keeping the place cool and chillaxing. We’ve stayed in so many hostels. Some overflowing with people. Some completely empty. Either way, we’ve never seen a hostel as clean as this one. The washrooms are spotlessly clean every single second of the day.

Star-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZinStar-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZinStar-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZin

Kitchen is modern. Beautifully designed. Mornings, we have brekkie here with a cup of Ceylon tea. While breakfast here is a bit basic, we loved the overnight oats bowl. Oats mixed with milk, yogurt, bananas and apples. Not only it’s healthy and delicious, it keeps you full so you are never hungry till lunch. Evenings, we sip a cuppa sitting at the lobby, photographing all the tropical fruits we bought from Sunday Pola (market) in Pettah. The lounge is chillaxing. A guest, in one corner table reads a travel magazine. Another works on the hostel computer. Soothing music flows on as we both flip pages of a guide book written in Chinese.

Star-Anise Boutique Capsules NatnZin

At around 6, Nathan goes out to get dinner. In five different restaurants, a portion of Kottu is five different prices. We talk about how street food always tastes oh-so-amazing as we indulge in a portion of kottu for 200 rupees. The couple next table shares a portion of rice and curry. The cardboard container says ‘Pilawoos.’

It’s amazing how Star Anise is situated right next to all the amazing eateries. From fine dining and cute cafes with best tea (Also read: t-lounge by Dilmah) to street food and international food chains, everything’s here in one place. If you are ever in Colombo, stay at Star Anise. We are sure the staff will greet you with a warm heart. Maybe you could hear a few stories about the manager and his artwork!

We would like to thank Star Anise Boutique Capsules for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.

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We are Nathan and Zinara, documenting our experiences and stories for a lifestyle full of love and adventure. Currently based in Sri Lanka.

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