The Wallawwa by Teardrop Hotels

The Wallawwa by Teardrop Hotels

One morning where Zin was super stressed with her work and exams where she’d to Shakespeare a lot about Shakespeare, the email box ticked. From India, it was. No, not the country but the super awesome lady from Teardrop Hotels we’ve yet not met. We know. We know. We’re pretty lazy (let’s say we do not have time AT ALL) when it comes to meeting people. Back to that email, it was a complimentary one night stay at The Wallawwa as a THANK YOU for our collaboration with Teardrop Hotels. What an amazing way to say thank you!

The Wallawwa NatnZIn

On our way to Teardrop Hotels, we counted every seagull who makes Pettah their home. While an uncle guided Nathan to take the best photos of these beauts, Zin waited patiently for the 187 bus.

We received the best and the most warm welcome back in Galle at Wallawwa’s most charming little sister – The Fort Bazaar. And here, we felt the very same. There’s something unique about the staff at Teardrop Hotels. Something charming. Warm and welcoming. While our experiences at some places were rude and unpleasant, Teardrop Hotels go miles beyond to make you feel at home.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

Upon our arrival, the manager gave us a tour around the hotel, explained us every little thing, took us to their beautiful garden to meet their goats. Goats? Yes, goats. The Wallawwa is not only home to a charming garden but to nine goats as well.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

Initially, we got a little sad to see them inside the cages but these cuties go for a walk everyday before they’re put back in the pens. They live in a jungle so it’s for their sake, they’re put back in the pens. On her emails, India has explained us about Ferta and Liza who completes the ship – Fertili(za)ser! #Goatship, people! We couldn’t recognize the dynamic duo but we gave the name Muzafir to a handsome goat with the coolest goatee. Sorry, Nathan did!The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

The rooms at Wallawwa are an ideal mix of Bawa architecture, authenticity and urban modern Sri Lanka. We had a super spacious garden room to chill for a day. Garden rooms have their own little garden where in evenings you can sit and sip a cuppa. We actually don’t care about hotel beds much, probably because we’ve not been to an uncomfortable one yet. But hands down, the bed at Wallawwa was the best we’ve had so far in our travels around Sri Lanka.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

The Mountbatten Suite is even spacious with sleeps for four, and your own little pool. Yes, that’s right. You get a small pool tucked in your own little garden with so much greenery. The suite is perfect for a family of four. It also has two washrooms, the bigger one adjoined to the master bedroom has a bathtub which is the only bathtub you get in the hotel. That’s pretty surprising to us because our washroom was so spacious and it definitely had enough space for two bathtubs. Two. Not one!

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

We went out around 2pm for lunch and to roam around the streets of Kotugoda and get the taste of local life. The hotel is situated close to Colombo-Minuwangoda Road, in a little village where cute grandmas sell biscuits in roadside kades. Despite being a junglicious paradise, the hotel is only one hour away from Colombo minus the time you waste in traffic. Don’t get us started about Colombo traffic. It’s that horrible!

We cannot write about The Wallawwa without mentioning their beautiful pool, a mini paradise surrounded by trees millennials like us cannot name. And it turns into a disco club at night leaving you in a surreal dream.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

Our day just got better when we came to know we had complimentary dinner and brekkie at the hotel. You also get evening tea with homemade cookies and butter cake. Nom nom nom! Wallawwa owns a fusion restaurant – world class with delicious food and friendly, helpful service. We were kind of full as we had pastries with tea so settled with a pork dish and a baked cheesecake for dinner.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

While Nathan ordered his usual omelet for brekkie, Zin was overjoyed to see Kiribath (Sri Lankan milk rice) on their menu. That was the first time we both had kiribath with cashew curry and boy, we would have it again and again.

The Wallawwa NatnZInThe Wallawwa NatnZIn

We’re writing this after three months to our stay at The Wallawwa while we are both making plans to go to the beaches down south to meet India. If you want to find peace and love in an island buzzing with people, just stay at Wallawwa.

Just stay at Teardrop Hotels. There’s nothing not to love.

We would like to thank Teardrop Hotels for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.


The Wallawwa NatnZin

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