Sigiriya: Back of Beyond Pidurangala

Sigiriya: Back of Beyond Pidurangala

Earlier on our blog we talked about how Pidurangala Rock was one of our favorite hikes ever. The night before, we stayed in Back of Beyond Pidurangala – a little gem tucked inside the jungle. In Sigiriya, we spent our weekend in two Back of Beyond properties. While Dehigaha Ela was the one we truly fell in love with, the sister resort Pidurangala also had its own charm.


If, like Zin (hey, Nathan loves these stuff, too, but when he sees buildings and downtowns he just wants to bend down and kiss them a little), you love outdoors, hikes which probably aren’t good for your heart, wild creatures, delicious authentic food, cycling with your better half through veggie farms and fish spas, Back of Beyond’s are your kind of places.

Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

Back of Beyond Pidurangala is only a few kilometers from Sigiriya Junction and will cost you around Rs.200 for a tuk drive to the hotel. After a delicious homemade watermelon juice – although nothing can beat the fresh lime juice we had in Dehigaha Ela – we headed to see the ins and outs of this pretty little place.



We stayed in a cottage in Back of Beyond Pidurangala but the property also has two tree houses. The tree houses are open to the jungle. If you want to share your dreams with wee monkeys and lizards who roam around the property like little rascals, say yes to a tree house. We did that in Dehigaha Ela and in BoB Pidurangala, we needed the cottage experience.


Apart from private double cottages, the property also has a family cottage. Our cottage had an open-air washroom. Cute. Chic. Boho and authentic. (Un) luckily, we didn’t meet one or two friendly monkeys doing peak-a-boos when we showered but expect one or two during your visit. We were still greeted by geckos and frogs who own this magical resort.




The food here is delicious. We had sandwiches with French fries for lunch. That was pretty much not what we would have for lunch. The sandwiches were a little dry but it was an okay meal, filling and not too bad after all. Most of their staff were absent during our stay so in such occasions, if every guest agrees on one particular meal, it makes their life a little easier. Nice little things you do to be human in an inhumanly world. We loved the devilled chicken noodles for dinner. It was delicious and Adrian (one of the hotel staff) managed to get a shot of us sharing dinner.

Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

We share our meals. Eat from one plate and use our hands even in fancy dinner tables. People who find it adorable and cute, find it extremely adorable and kinda cute. People who don’t? They might give a gross look and probably badmouth about it a little but hey, life goes on!

Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

After we came from our hike to Pidurangala, we had string hoppers with lentils curry, coconut sambol and chicken curry for breakfast with fresh fruit and Ceylon tea. Authentic and delicious. Perfect Sri Lankan breakfast! The staff in BoB Pidurangala are friendly and helpful. There are a lot of activities around the property and they’ll help you in pretty much everything.


Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

Sigiriya Back Of Beyond NatnZIN

If you don’t find yourself hiking mountains and watching Loris hiding between trees, Back of Beyond Pidurangala is a fabulous place just to lie down with your favorite book or watch Winnie the Pooh* with your better half. (Shhhh, The Real O’Neals* we meant.) It’s our kind of oasis, to sit back with a hot cup of chai and daydream as the day pass by. For those who have their heads in the clouds but feet on the ground.


Nat n Zin

We would like to thank Back of Beyond Sri Lanka for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.


Sigiriya Back Of Beyond Pidurangala

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