Pidurangala Rock: An Early Morning Hike in Sigiriya

Pidurangala Rock: An Early Morning Hike in Sigiriya

Imagine a place where sun shines over the mountains painting skies in soft palettes and bright oranges. A place where a monastery is home to ten and a few more pooches. A place where monkeys greet you only to be chased after a friendly pooch. Imagine a place where mountains far behind draw galleries of art in front of your eyes, and only to your eyes. A place where the beauty can only be captured by the naked eye. Pidurangala was one. And we fell in love with it a little too much so, now, we call it Pidu.

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock

The hike to Pidurangala was one of our favorite climbs ever. Five something in one Sigiriya morning, we woke up only to snuggle up in the cozy duets a few more minutes. Lazing around in cozy mornings with a cup of hot chai is our favorite thing ever. Isn’t it yours, too?

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock

At 6 something, we started our walk to Pidurangala with two BoB guests and their friendly manager. The Pidurangala Raja Maha Viharaya is only a five minute walk from Back of Beyond Pidurangala – one of our two homes for the weekend.

Hike To Pidurangala Rock

And then we started. It’s absolutely zero rupees if you’re Lankan. If you are a foreigner, expect to pay Rs.500 at the entrance.

Hike To Pidurangala Rock

The climb up is guarded by caves. Caves with letters your and our ancestors threaded on granite with a technique which is still known to none. We climbed. Counting each and every step, we climbed. Zin became breathless. Has she ever told you that she’s short of breath? Yes, that’s one horrific illness. Something that can be so tragic and disastrous. But sugar plums, she loves mountains. She grew up in mountains. Went to school climbing up and down the mountains. The hills. The beautiful gorgeous hills greeted with lush green and mist, with cozy, soothing climate before global warming actually hit you. And here she is, not climbing a mountain but a rock. Trying to catch her breath.

But then for her, always, there’s Nathan. Zin wouldn’t have climbed to the top if it wasn’t for him. N gave his hand, and took her to the top and fed her water so she becomes the happy little sushi roll Nathan always loves!

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock

On our way, we met our fellow BoB guests, the little Peruvian sugar plum whom Zin met the previous day at the resort. And we stopped halfway at the look out point, to greet to the morning sun and click photos of water lilies and learn about ancient ruins.

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock

On top, we made friends with a little pooch who decided to climb down with us but only after us. It was as if he was lost in the jungle. Lost among the rocks which seemed a home to him and chased monkeys who came to greet the hikers.

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock

Hike To Pidurangala Rock

Hike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala RockHike To Pidurangala Rock
Hike To Pidurangala Rock

Pidu is beautiful. It as beautiful as anything #darlingescapes on Instagram. If you’ve got limited time in Sigiriya (a day or two), ditch the everyone’s go-to Lion’s Rock and say hi to Pidurangala instead. Even in one day, you can climb both but we suppose it’d be a bit tiring – specially if you’re short of breath or suffer from any other illness.

What’s the most memorable hike in your life? Comment below and let us know!


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16 thoughts on “Pidurangala Rock: An Early Morning Hike in Sigiriya”

  • Beautiful description of Pidurangala rock. Rupees 5 for an entrance is super cheap. It is like nothing. So cute that you made friends with pooch and monkeys are coming down to greet hikers. The picture of water lilies is stunning and also the view from above is so nice.

    • Haha it’s 500 for a foreigner but it’s not much and for these views, it’s totally worth it. Thank you! The pooch was so adorable :3

  • The more I am reading about Sigiriya, the more I am getting attracted towards it. It seems like a beautiful mélange of nature and man made monuments. Sri Lanka is close to my country India and I must go there soon.

    • Exactly! Beautifully presented with scenic nature and man-made structures. You should make a trip soon since it’s a small journey away.

  • I may have to include Sri Lanka on the way home from my next trip and get to see this place! It is absolutely breath taking! Some incredible pieces of architecture with the monuments. Great article!

  • You got me imagining it, and now I want to go! I love the idea of lazy mornings drinking tea combined with gorgeous hiking. I would probably never want to leave the tranquility of this place.

  • It seems like a great hike to Pidurangala Rock. Interesting landscapes and some cave hiking. The pictures with the dog are cute. Sri Lanka must be a great place to visit.

    • Sri Lanka sure is. You’d love it here. Apparently almost everyone who hikes to Pidurangala meets this friendly pooch on top. He seems to hike it up and down everyday haha!

  • I cannot believe how GREEN everything is. From the bottom to the top, it just looks super lush! Never heard of this but definitely looks like a cool climb. The obligatory hands out picture at the top I love! (I always do that in my hiking pictures too!) Those little animals running around make it even better!

  • I’m planning Srilanka for 2018! Hope I’ll get to go… Sigiriya heritage site is very much in my main, must-visit list in Srilanka. Thanks for this post! As someone who loves trekking I’ll make sure to visit here too when in Sigiriya! That’s indeed a cute doggy that kept the monkeys at bay from you!!!

    • Awesome! Having done both Sigiriya and Pidurangala, we prefer Pidu more than Sigiriya. You’d love it! There’s a small lake near Back of Beyond Pidurangala (a tree house + cottage property) where you can see both Pidurangala and Sigiriya.

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