Sunset in Galle: A Surreal Evening

Sunset in Galle: A Surreal Evening

Galle. That one place we visited more than five times last year. But it’s again being the place we keep coming back. “You know those serendipitously placed bicycles? We only photographed two of them,” is a vague reason to just pack our backpacks and head to Galle. Or sometimes it’s the white tuks passing the Fort alleys. Mostly, this time, it was the baby turtles we never held in our hands. So this time, we packed our bags and headed to Galle for all the above reasons and, for nothing.

The brain-sickening Colombo traffic made our two hour journey a five hour journey. Finally at nine at night, we got there.

That wheelbarrow, and the lonely palm tree – maybe, that’s why we keep coming back here. Those who’re intrigued by the little things know how worth it is to stand two hours in a bus queue to see a lonely palm tree. Oh well yes, we stood two hours in a queue in Maharagama for the highway bus to Galle.

Earlier our nights were only spent in Leijay Resort, a villa with a fancy pool, bordered by breathtaking nature and managed by two of our friends. We met them in Clock Inn. But seriously, have we ever written anything without talking about the Colombo backpacking hub, that’s the charming hostel, Clock Inn Colombo?

It’s nice to stay in a neighborhood with two Pakistani friends who praise the island. But it’s nicer to stay in a neighborhood with two comforting hosts – one, English whom we never met – and a Lankan who’s friendly and helpful, and a pooch who’s the owner of the owners. All these make Kikili House the perfect ‘iescape’ getaway.

There’s one thing that sticks to us in Galle. The beautiful Galle sunsets. The skies layering up with magentas and reds. Yellows we’ve never seen before and our D3200 could never capture. Sometimes Nathan wishes that if our eyes could snap what it sees. Everything it sees the way it sees them as it blinks. You blink and ta-dah, there’s a beautiful photographed saved in your phone.

But sometimes, you’ve got to forget the Instagram, ditch the social media and just witness a beautiful sunset. A sunset with a Virat Kohli advertisement in the backdrop.



Beautifully lame.

But again, it’s the little things.

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