Galle, The Fort Bazaar and Getting Social at Church Street Social

Galle, The Fort Bazaar and Getting Social at Church Street Social

We were not supposed to walk around the tiny alleys of Galle Fort that afternoon. But we did. Because dear sugar plums, the tiny alleys of today’s Galle fort are wonderfully photogenic. And we couldn’t resist revisiting them for the hundredth time. Once we were done, we paid a visit to the sister hotel of Walawwa by Teardrop Hotels. And that is, The Fort Bazaar.

As soon as we entered, We were greeted with a refreshing drink to quench our thirst. And that’s indeed what we needed after roaming around the streets of historic Galle Fort, snappin’ white tuks and quite bohemic bicycles lining the alleys.

The Fort  Bazaar  indeed is a charming beautiful place with Moorish architecture and has a tad Scandinavian feel to it. While Nat loved the simple but elegant attic attached to the upper fam suite, Zin fell in love with the spacious common library upstairs. Perfect place to lie down, sip some coffee and read Tiny Beautiful Things. Yes, that’s Zin’s favorite book. Haven’t you read it yet? Go, grab it, expect to cry but thank Z later. Because dear sugar plums, it’s as beautiful as the beautiful Fort Bazaar.

What About The Food?

Galle Fort Restaurants NatnZin

Church Street Fort Bazaar

Oh the food! The absolutely delicious, mouthwatering and photogenic fusion cuisine across oceans with a touch of Ceylon, subtly seasoned with Lankan spices to balance the flavors and aroma of every dish brought you. Cooked to perfection and served by the friendliest staff in the island. Food here gets a thumbs up!

So What Did We Love The Most?

The Jumbo Fish Cake we tried for starters. The crispiest, crunchiest boneless chunk of fish topped with tomato salsa. If heaven was food, this must be it. And, and, and we absolutely loved the local Trincomalee barramundi accompanied with mashed potatoes. Creamy, buttery and oh-so-delicious mashed potatoes. Did we say ma-aaaaaaaa-shed potatoes? Did we?

The baked fondant with gooey choco goodness with a cuppa was the ideal way to finish our gastronomical adventures at Church Street Social.Yes yes yes, the fancy restaurant of Fort Bazaar, facing the historic Church Street is named the Church Street Social.

But What I Need Something So Sri Lankan?

No worries there, sugar plum. CSS (Church Street Social)’s got you covered with a range of rice & curry dishes on their lunch menu. We recommend you to try their Black Pork Curry with Rice. It’s been one of their best sellers and a black pork curry never goes wrong.


We would like to thank Teardrop Hotels for organizing our visit at The Fort Bazaar, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.

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