Sarah, Serendip and Cheesecake at Schakasz!

Sarah, Serendip and Cheesecake at Schakasz!

One day when Zin was searching #leijayresort on ‘gram (if that’s ever the globally acceptable shorter version of instagram), she came across a beautifully captured photograph of Leijay Resort’s beautiful pool. And the picture was taken by @serendipcrafts. So, as usual, Zin dug in. The feed is filled with wonderfully authentic and beautifully photogenic handmade arts, crafts, souvenirs aka treasurable junk as Nat calls them.

Leijay Resort, as captured by Sarah.

So we decided to meet the beautiful lady behind Serendipcrafts. She’s Sarah. Sarah, who calls her English but has her roots hailing from down under. She’s lived her life across oceans. Her life as a kid in London was centralized to her boarding school. Throughout the year, as a kid, she visited her family back in Serendip – formerly Sri Lanka, now you know where the name Serendipcrafts comes from – quite a few times. Before her family’s membership got cancelled due to the fact that they left the island, Colombo Swimming Club was one place where she treasured the most.

Sarah works as a graphic designer in London and sells arts and crafts to the Brits twice a week.

She now has a stall in Greenwich Market in London and sells handmade Sri Lankan crafts to the Brits. Quite often, and mostly, to the Londoners. Her life story is pretty much a pol sambol, but in a good way. Is Pol Sambol ever a bad thing, anyway? (Nom! now, we need some pol roti or two with freshly spiced pol sambol.) Back to Sarah! She’s lived in many many countries including Australia, Iran and now England, and has travelled to many lands. A slow-nomad, we would call her.

Aren’t they too beautiful? Did y’all know that Nathan’s mom makes these at home?

Sounds like Nat? Yes, but unlike N who struggles to figure out where his home is, Sarah calls ‘London’ her home and despises Aussies in cricket. We do, too. Everyone does, right? She often calls cute Airbnbs with gorgeous swimming pools her nomadic homes. We think it’s time for us to check out some Airbnbs, too?


thumbnail_image (2).jpg
Sarah’s Serendip Stall at the Greenwich Market in London.

We were supposed to meet her at Schakasz, a tiny cake shop in the very end of Colombo 6. People, when you travel by tuks in Sri Lanka, be extremely careful. Specially when you’re an outsider. It took Sarah two tuks to travel about 4km. Her first tuk driver took her around and on a wrong path. When Sarah gave the phone to him to speak to us, he spoke but not to us. Blabbered something and god knows to whom. When she realized he was taking her in wrong direction, she got off the tuk and got onto the next. And alas! It broke down in midway. However, at six something, she was at Schakasz, settled down with a Kahlua Cheesecake, paid for our Choco Madness and bought us tea. What a sweet gesture! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We hope to have you for lunch once you’re back in the commercial capital.

To more know about Sarah and her passion for everything craftsy, check out her lovely site, serendipcrafts and her Instagram! She has a le Facebook page, too!

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Image credits: Serendipcrafts

4 thoughts on “Sarah, Serendip and Cheesecake at Schakasz!”

  • Oh wow, Nat n Zin – thank you so much for the write up! I’ve never been featured on a website before, I feel honoured. And I love the tag “slow nomad”! That pretty much describes my life!
    Just to clarify, my family lived in Sri Lanka for six years when I was a teenager (but not my grandma) and my siblings and I visited from boarding school in England many times. We loved it, especially the swimming club where we liked to hang out. (Membership only cancelled because we left the island, just in case you were wondering if we were scoundrels that got booted out!)
    Also, other countries I have lived in include Indonesia, Iraq, Syria, Brazil, Dubai and Australia. Although I am half Australian, my upbringing was as a Brit. So I support team GB and England all the way! (However I only “despise” Aussie cricket when they are playing England – of course!)
    It was lovely to meet you – eventually (after my roundabout tuk tuk ride!) I hope to meet you on my next trip to Sri Lanka and look forward to having that lunch with you!
    Many thanks again. Sarah 🙂

  • Hello Sarah! So sorry – corrected those. We knew your membership got cancelled because your fam left the island but never thought it sounded bad the way we had worded it.

    Anyhow, was a pleasure to meet you and feature you on our blog. Looking forward to the next time we meet.

    Nat n Zin

  • You don’t find very often in web such an authentic and interesting blog! I am impressed!

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