Review: Evergreen Colombo

Review: Evergreen Colombo

Nat has a habit of cribbing about the never-ending Sri Lankan traffic. Well again, who cannot not crib about it? It’s that bad and it never ends. That was a Saturday. As usual, Zin had her classes (hi, literature!) and was on a public bus to get to their home for the weekend – Evergreen Colombo. Nat was in another bus, constantly whatsapping Zin about what steps the government should take to reduce the traffic. Little he knew that Zin never had access to the government or ten thousand steps below it – the so-called authority. Anyhow, as soon as Nathan saw Z, he turned to his sweetest self and together we both went on exploring the beautiful hostel nestled in a corner of the middle of Mount Lavinia – mine, yours and everyone’s oh-so-loved part of Colombo.  

The Atmosphere (5/5)

Evergreen Colombo has a beautiful garden gifted with greenery. Expect to wake up to twittering of birds and run after butterflies of different colors. Spot wee squirrels munching onto teeny jam nuts and have a meal at their garden restaurant. Evergreen Colombo is a quiet place offering you great privacy and comfort. But they are all into meeting other guests, too. There are two large communal areas with comfy couches, a dining area, garden restaurant and a spacious lobby with a projector for screening movies. They also have an in-built bar which is not open yet and here’s hoping they will get the acceptance from the local authority so guests can grab a beer and let the convos flow.

The Staff (4/5)

Evergreen Colombo is owned by Matt – a friendly kiwi who will always be there to help you, and Caitlyn who’s really very friendly and loves cheesecakes a tad too much. The staff is pretty helpful, too. When we were based there, one guest forgot his passport and left to the airport on a taxi. As soon as the staff found it, they hurried up and called the taxi driver to get back and gave him the passport.

They have a top quality chef. Their chef is specialized in all sorts of culinary arts and has served for the French High Commission before. Yep, the food is fabulous here (more on this later).

The room(s) (5/5)

Custom-made wooden bunks? With comfortable thick mattresses? Each bed with in-built plugs, USB sockets and a bed-lamp? Yes, yes, yes! Evergreen Colombo keeps getting better and better. Evergreen Colombo offers private twin and double rooms as well as both mixed and female-only bunks. We stayed in a four-bed bunkroom and we loved it. The beds are comfy and cozy with soft linens and pillows. The AC works well and you will have a goodnight’s sleep with literally no disturbance. Each guest has separate lockers to keep their belongings safe and the rooms are only accessible to guests who have a keycard.

Washroom, adjoined – sharing with our bunkroom and the four bed dorm next to us – was spotless, clean and the hot/cool showers worked quite well.

Facilities (3.5/5)

Evergreen Colombo has an in-house restaurant, so, you’re never hungry there. Their menu is pretty big and consists of a few cuisines from all over the world including authentic Sri Lankan. Breakfast is free and includes toast, eggs, oats, cornflakes, fresh fruit, tea and coffee.

When we’re based there, Wi-Fi didn’t work in our dorm but it worked fine in the main dining area so you always have to run there if you need to get some work done.

One of the many best things about Evergreen Colombo is, the hostel has a separate kitchen for guests where they can cook meals as per their choice. Now, we think that’s awesome.

The Price (5/5)

Both female and mixed bunks cost 15$ per night while the deluxe double and twin rooms cost 60$ per night. If you are looking for the comfiest sleep in town and a relaxing time to yourself, this is good value for money

Make a reservation directly through their website.

The Location (4.5/5)


Evergreen Colombo is right there in everyone’s favorite Mount Lavinia. It’s just a five-minute walk from the famous and the beautiful Mount Lavinia beach. Along the beach are star-hotels and restaurants offering the best seafood in Colombo. The area is home to many luxuries, midrange, and budget restaurants – you can have lunch for less than 100 LKR from small roadside shops which are quite safe. We both had two prawn rice & curry packets from a small, crowded shop and only cost us 180LKR.

It’s super close to our favorite Arthur’s Pizzeria & Pub and Toby’s Estate. The latter is a quiet coffee shop for hipster millennials to go and get some work done. In a nutshell, Evergreen Colombo is right there close to anything and everything but offers you the rustic, nature-friendly vibes with its beautiful garden.

We loved our two-day stay in this beautiful, home-like atmosphere and went on clicking too many photos (read what we think are the six best hostels in Colombo here.) If you are heading there anytime soon – which we think you should – don’t forget to buy Caitlyn a slice or two of Nutella cheesecake.

We would like to thank Evergreen Colombo for organizing our stay with them, but as always opinions are honest and entirely our own.

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