Review: Arthur’s Pizzeria & Pub

Review: Arthur’s Pizzeria & Pub

Perhaps it’s the beach wind that embraced us. Perhaps it’s the vibes of the cute little hostel Evergreen Colombo down the lane which was the home to us for that weekend. Perhaps it’s the myriad of city lights passed by. Perhaps it’s all of these. Perhaps none at all. Whatever the reasons, Mount Lavinia made us feel a little giddy, in a good way (despite the heavy Saturday evening traffic to get there).

So was dining in this loved part of the bustling commercial capital? Our first choice was the quite photogenic Burger King. But as soon we realized, we were on a budget – but still on for a gastronomic adventure (we love Burger King but it always results in a fast-draining wallet), we walked down a few steps further. There, we found Arthur’s Pizzeria & Pub.

Arthurs Pizza Mount Lavinia
Arthurs Pizza

We ordered one Chicken Nai Miris (Rs.950) not knowing that it’s their signature dish. Despite many bad comments from Lankan millennials here and there, it was very good. It was well spiced doing justification to its name. Although by Sri Lankan standards, it might not be spicy enough, the chicken was retaining the juiciness and balanced the flavours very well.

Arthur's Pizzeria & Pub, Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia Pizza at Arthur's
Mount Lavinia Pizza at Arthur’s

Arthur’s serves pizzas with a thin crust and toppings indigenous to them. Nat loves his pizza with a thick crust but he was still sold on the Chicken Nai Miris. We were not really in a mood for anything alcohol so we ditched that and had two bottles of Pepsi.

Pizza at Arthur's Mount lavinia

It was a Saturday night and people were even on queue for a seat. Arthur’s have a foreign touch to it with their pub. The atmosphere was nice with enough lighting and lively music.

Mount Lavinia Natnzin

Overall, we really liked the place and we think we’ll return. Specially because we couldn’t meet Mr. Arthur. We’ve been hearing a lot of nice things about him lately.

  • Most liked: Location, atmosphere, pizza, affordable meals
  • Less liked: We are sure the staff can pay a little more attention but hey they’re friendly enough.
  • Good for: Groups, office dinners, dates

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